23 Jan 2011 Update.


I am very happy living in Berlin and what i see every day is an inspiration. For the last 2 months i have been working here with a great team of professionals. At the moment i am again hunting for interesting projects and nice teams. Please check my newly updated demo reel.

Interesting stuff




Archi viz

Jorge Seva aka Alex Roman is on everyones lips when it comes to Architectural visualization. "The Third & The Seventh", his personal project is breathtaking. Check the making-of here.

One of my work coleagues keeps this website alive and kicking. I find most of what he writes very honnest and deep. Check it out.


Harry Potter lighting / lookdev feature on cgtalk

MPC is one of the companies i am very interested in after meeting some of the great guys that are working there last year here in Berlin. Luckly i am not the only paying attention to their work. Check Mo Sobhy's workflow.



This guy is a sculptor that goes madly into details. I find some of his works intriguing, some sick some way too complicated but still worth watching.


my favourite artist and architect

Here is where i get very subjective. This is my girlfriend's website. She incredibly talented and creative, A very skillful painter and my muse.


This is where I try to improve whatever needs to be improved from my perspective.